Baya- AI Enabled SoC Intgration Platform, IP-XACT 1685, UPF, Verilog and VHDL Parsers, Translators & Converters, Datamodel and Re-Writers
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Baya - Auto Integration of SoC Components with IP-XACT & Tcl API
Flattens the specified verilog module by removing the hierarchies. It works both for RTL and netlist.
Generates verilog testbench for a given module along with random testvectors ...
Generates VHDL testbench for a given entity along with random testvectors ...
Parses Veriog RTL and populates its object model which comes with a rich set of APIs to access design information.
Parses Veriog Netlist and populates its object model which comes with a rich set of APIs to access design information.
Parses synthesizable subset of VHDL and populates its object model which comes with a rich set of APIs to access design information.
Reads Verilog and VHDL files and prints out the sorted file list by analyzing dependencies. Supports VHDL configurations and mixed HDL
Verilog Preprocessor to resolve macros like nested `ifdef , `define
Verilog Hierarchy Creation Tool to group a list of instances in RTL or enlist. This creates a new wrapper by encapsulating the instance
Verilog Hierarchy Removal Tool to ungroup all the instances in a given module
Removes continuous assignment statements in a given netlist
Utility to find instances or nets matching with the given regular expression as their names
Utility to race the clock and reset trees in a given netlist or structural design

VHDL to SystemC translator which first converts the VHDL into Verilog and then converts the internal Verilog into SystemC
Tool to generate Verilog wrapper by instantiating the specified module- flattens/splits multidimensional ports and SV interfaces while instantiating original module. 
Tool to generate VHDL wrapper by instantiating the specified entity- flattens/splits multidimensional array and record type ports 
Tool to compare the interfaces ( ports, parameters,  SV interfaces ) between two versions of a Verilog module or two similar modules. 
Tool to compare the interfaces ( ports, generics ) between two versions of a VHDL entity or two similar entities. 
DesignProfiler - Tool to profile an IP or a subsystem. It stores IP/S-S metadata like top module name, clock, reset, input/output delay, false path, multi cycle path, scan clock, scan enable, scan style, power management techniques, power number, area number, technology node, smart debug, ignores-issue-list, generate templatized RTL based upon configuration ...
Flattens the given list of hierarchical instances- this removes hierarchy by pulling the contents in the higher level
Library to parse VCD file and populate datamodel and APIs to access the information and print it back
The collection of tools and utilities fills a real void in EDA. The baya tool is exactly what we had been looking for to assemble large top-level modules in Verilog. The GUI and high-level TCL commands are intuitive, allowing designers to get started immediately and feel right at home. It was straightforward to quickly reproduce a module previously done with a Perl-to-Verilog utility that was hard to use and maintain. The support from Kanai is excellent. He responds quickly and is a pleasure to deal with. Nice work, Kanai!”-Michael Trocino, IC Design Manager, Coherent Logix "thanks for efficient tools which have been successfully used in our internal wireless design flow. Friendly support has been highly appreciated." -Claudine Raibaut,EDA Manager, Texas Instruments "Baya is a mature production quality tool with features and capabilities beyond those of tools provided by large EDA vendors. It's flexibility is a key reason we have chosen it for use in our Cloud-based platform." -David Fritz, CEO, Social Silicon "Kanai produced an excellent tool set, which is very useful for a complex system-on-chip integration flows. We were skeptical in the beginning, but later got really impressed by a high quality and ease of use. Bridgit IPXACT creator helps us to pack register, bus and module interfaces into a IEEE standard *.xml SPIRIT format to ensure high reusability in the future and protect our investments. I high recommend using Kanai’s products for every system-on-chip manufacturer and invest Venture Capital to support further improvement and commercialization." -Boris V. Kuznetsov Processorpreneur, CEO @ SOCC "Hi Kanai, thanks a lot for creating DesignPlayer and the huge java class lib behind. Even I discoverd only the tip of the iceberg, I got already a lot of my project done. I'm sure there is much more. Your strong support makes me confident to explore more details in future." -Rolf Kemper, Manager, Mixed Signal Design, Renesas Electronics Europe "We were very pleased with your response. The VHDL2Verilog translator worked great, even handling the generate statements in the source VHDL. It met our needs exactly. It was very easy to work with you and you delivered the translator super fast. Thanks for the great support!" -Jerry Frenkil, VP of Engineering, NanoWatt Design "EDAUtils is one (if not the only one) of the most comprehensive tools for SoC design and integration and it is available for free. I included EDAUtils in the latest OpenTech Package as featured application among all free open source designs and tools and I believe with a lot of efforts it will grow to be one of the major tools in this domain."- Jamil Khatib, OpenTech Package
Tool to convert Verilog into SystemC keeping the original structure as much as possible.
Tool to convert VHDL into Verilog by keeping the same structure and function for ease of correlation
Tool to create IP-XACT Component or Design from a Verilog Module
Tool to create IP-XACT Component from a VHDL Entity
Tool to convert Verilog into VHDL by keeping the same structure and function for ease of correlation. 
Verilog Document Generator from the RTL definition of an IP/SubSystem. Use DesignPlayer Hierarchy Brower to create hierarchy snapshot to review design.
Translators and
Verilog/VHDL Utilities
Parsers and
Tool to create VHDL Entity from IP-XACT Component
Tool to convert IP-XACT into Verilog module
Creates IP-XACT Address Block file from the legacy XLS/CSV based Register Management system.
Validates IP-XACT Component's ports and parameters with the associated Verilog/VHDL Module/Entity's ports and parameters
Java based simple .lib parser, supports the widely used set of constructs.
All the above listed 3 groups of tools are available in one single bundle named DesignPlayer,  click here to download this.
Converts IP-XACT Address Block file into XLSX for review and documentation purpose
Converts IP-XACT Bus Definition / BusInterface into SystemVerilog Interface
Verilog empty/blackbox module generator keeping the includes, ports and parameters intact.
Create Liberty .lib library from verilog module
Converts Liberty .lib Cells into empty verilog modules
Java based Unified Power Format, UPF Editor, Parser, decompiler, diff/comparator, validator, Object Model with Java and Tcl API
Uniquifies Verilog by prepending  given prefix with modules, interfaces, classes, structures and their references
Merges specific instances from different modules to one module
200K+ usages, 50K+ downloads where downloaders emails were from Intel, Qualcomm, Mediatek, LG, Nvidia, Samsung, Broadcom, NXP, Huawei, TI, AMD, ARM, GE, HP, ST, Microchip, Micron, Faraday, Atmel, Xilinx, Cisco, Ericsson, Freescale, Siemens, Altera, Microsemi, Mobiveil, Motorola, Nokia, Sandisk, Thales Group, Wipro, Airbus, Renesas, Analogix Semi, Global Foundries,Image Design, On Semi ...
IP Infrastructure- plug-n-play IP development infrastructure, web page, program review, auto alert, schedule tracking and prediction, dashboard, continuous integration, characterisation and validation ...
Infrastructure and utility to characterize the soft and foundation IPs for consumer to reuse
TestBench Component Integration - AI Enabled
Design Verification Toolkit - Complete Regression Infrastructure for SOC and IP DV
AI/Machine Learning Framework Flow Enablement
Implements Verilog RTL definition from IP-XACT Register XML
Generates HTML Documentation of IP-XACT Registers - both for the IP-Core and SOC levels
SDC Constraint Parser and Comparison
Reads SDC Tcl files and populates internal datamodels by evaluation command and expression and then compares the model structures
Web development for Dashboard and Tables with Graphs, Charts etc.
Address file, Testcase and Driver Code Generation from Register Database
Convert/upgrade IP-XACT from older version to newer version- supported versions are 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 2009, 2014
Reads Verilog files and pulls up given list ports of one or more sub-modules to top by creating new ports in all the intermediate hierarchies