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Baya - Auto Integration of SoC Components with IP-XACT & Tcl API
The IEEE IP-XACT 1685 standard enables the use of a unified structure for the meta specification of a design, components, interfaces, documentation, interconnection of components, and Memories & Registers. This structure can be used as the basis of both manual and automatic methodologies. IP-XACT specifies the tight generator interface (TGI) for access to the data in a vendor-independent manner.

IP-XACT Domain

Capabilities and Features

EDAUtils Tools


  • Smart GUI to capture VLNV, ports and parameters from brand new IPs

  • Import component definition from Verilog and VHDL

  • Intuitive GUI to create port and parameters

  • GUI create Bus Interfaces along with logical to physical port mappings

  • Tcl shell commands for the above for commandline users

  • Simple translators to convert VHDL and Verilog into IP-XACT

  • Coherency checker between RTL and IP-XACT models

  • Equivalence checker between two revisions of Component XML

  • IP-XACT Validator

  • IP-XACT Document Generator


  • ipxact-shell

  • verilog2ipxact

  • vhdl2ipxact

  • ipxact2vhdlentity

  • ipxat2verilog

  • validateipxact

  • ipxact2tcl

  • gendocipxact

  • ipxactcoherencychecker

Register & Memories

  • Single sourced GUI to create Address Block and Memory Map file

  • Correct by construct Register, Alternate Register and Bit Field capture

  • UVM Model generator

  • C Model generator

  • IP-XACT Validator

  • Excel/CSV to IP-XACT Address Block Generator


  • ipxact-shell

  • genregisteruvmmodel

  • genregistercmodel

  • validateipxact

  • ipxact2tcl

  • xls2ipxact


  • Create Design from Verilog

  • Instantiate Components

  • Insert interface connections

  • Insert adhoc connections between port to port

  • Insert tied values for unconnected ports

  • Associate Memory Maps with the instantiated components to generate C model for the Design( SoC )

  • Generate Verilog from IP-XACT Design

  • verilog2ipxact

  • ipxact2verilog

  • ipxact-shell

Bus Definition and Abstraction Definition

  • Tcl Shell

  • Primitive GUI

  • ipxact-shell

  • Primitive GUI Tools

Miscellaneous Utilities

Bunch of commonly used utilities around IP-XACT. Most of these utilities were created based upon different user requests over the period of time.

  • ipxact2verilog - Generate Verilog module from IP-XACT definition

  • ipxact2vhdlentity - Generate VHDL entity from IP-XACT Component definition

  • verilog2ipxact - Generates IP-XACT definition from Verilog modules

  • vhdl2ipxact - Generates IP-XACT definition from VHDL source

  • ipxactcoherencycheckerverilog - Validates IP-XACT Component definition with Verilog implementation and vice versa

  • ipxactcoherencycheckervhdl - Validates IP-XACT Component definition with VHDL iEntity and vice versa

  • validateipxact - IP-XACT Validators, syntaxt and semantic validator of IP-XACT file

  • compareipxact - Logical comparison of two IP-XACT files

  • gendocipxact - Generate Word document from IP-XACT definition

  • ipxact2tlm - Generate Transaction Level Model from IP-XACT Register Definitions

  • ipxactinterface2svinterface - Generates System Verilog Interface from IP-XACT BusInterface definition

  • ipxactreg2xlsreg - Generates XLS from IP-XACT file, especially useful for Register management

  • xls2ipxact - Generates IP-XACT file from XLS file

  • ipxact2tcl - Generate IP-XACT Tcl comands from an existing file

  • ipxact-shell - Comprehensive Tcl shell to use all the EDAUtils' capabilities IP-XACT and creation and maintenance of IP-XACT files

EDAUtils Offerings
EDAUtils provides complete IP-XACT solution needed in the design organizations dealing with IP creation or IP integration. It offers an intuitive GUI to build IP-XACT Component defintion by reading the ports and parameters from the RTL, instantiating bus interfaces, intuitively mapping ports and parameters, defining MEMORIES, REGITERS and BITFIELDS and their properties resulting in correct by construction. All the actions in the GUI gets saved into equivalent Tcl commands which can be reused later to update the IP-XACT in batch mode. There is a comprehensive Tcl shell which can be used to create & modify any IP-XACT file upto any extent that anyone may need. Apart from this, there are importers and exporters like verilog2ipxact, vhdl2ipxact, ipxact2verilog and ipxact2vhdl; utility to generate documentation from component. Tool to validate IP-XACT and tool to check consistency between IP-XACT Component and it's Verilog Model. Let's know if you need something which can not be achieved through EDAUtils offerings as listed below table.
The collection of tools and utilities fills a real void in EDA. The baya tool is exactly what we had been looking for to assemble large top-level modules in Verilog. The GUI and high-level TCL commands are intuitive, allowing designers to get started immediately and feel right at home. It was straightforward to quickly reproduce a module previously done with a Perl-to-Verilog utility that was hard to use and maintain. The support from Kanai is excellent. He responds quickly and is a pleasure to deal with. Nice work, Kanai!”-Michael Trocino, IC Design Manager, Coherent Logix "thanks for efficient tools which have been successfully used in our internal wireless design flow. Friendly support has been highly appreciated." -Claudine Raibaut,EDA Manager, Texas Instruments "Baya is a mature production quality tool with features and capabilities beyond those of tools provided by large EDA vendors. It's flexibility is a key reason we have chosen it for use in our Cloud-based platform." -David Fritz, CEO, Social Silicon "Kanai produced an excellent tool set, which is very useful for a complex system-on-chip integration flows. We were skeptical in the beginning, but later got really impressed by a high quality and ease of use. Bridgit IPXACT creator helps us to pack register, bus and module interfaces into a IEEE standard *.xml SPIRIT format to ensure high reusability in the future and protect our investments. I high recommend using Kanai’s products for every system-on-chip manufacturer and invest Venture Capital to support further improvement and commercialization." -Boris V. Kuznetsov Processorpreneur, CEO @ SOCC "Hi Kanai, thanks a lot for creating DesignPlayer and the huge java class lib behind. Even I discoverd only the tip of the iceberg, I got already a lot of my project done. I'm sure there is much more. Your strong support makes me confident to explore more details in future." -Rolf Kemper, Manager, Mixed Signal Design, Renesas Electronics Europe "We were very pleased with your response. The VHDL2Verilog translator worked great, even handling the generate statements in the source VHDL. It met our needs exactly. It was very easy to work with you and you delivered the translator super fast. Thanks for the great support!" -Jerry Frenkil, VP of Engineering, NanoWatt Design "EDAUtils is one (if not the only one) of the most comprehensive tools for SoC design and integration and it is available for free. I included EDAUtils in the latest OpenTech Package as featured application among all free open source designs and tools and I believe with a lot of efforts it will grow to be one of the major tools in this domain."- Jamil Khatib, OpenTech Package
140K+ usages, 25K+ downloads where downloaders emails were from Intel, Qualcomm, Mediatek, LG, Nvidia, Samsung, Broadcom, NXP, Huawei, TI, AMD, ARM, GE, HP, ST, Microchip, Micron, Faraday, Atmel, Xilinx, Cisco, Ericsson, Freescale, Siemens, Altera, Microsemi, Mobiveil, Motorola, Nokia, Sandisk, Thales Group, Wipro, Airbus, Renesas, Analogix Semi, Global Foundries,Image Design, On Semi ...